Medallion Signature Guarantees. Medallion Signature Guarantee Uses

Medallion Signature Guarantees. Medallion Signature Guarantee Uses

After the organization has finished the enrollment demands and it has been accepted by Kemark they will be supplied with a STAMP2000 Medallion stamp. The stamp utilizes high-security green ink and requires a STAMP2000 Transfer Agent Document Reader to be utilized by the transfer representative to authenticate the Medallion imprint.


The Uniform Commercial Code provides that the individual guaranteeing a signature warrants that at the right period of signing:

  • The signature ended up being genuine;
  • The signer had capacity that is legal signal; and
  • The signer had been a person that is appropriate endorse the protection

The guarantor or its insurance will be required to compensate the transfer agent and/or issuer for any losses if a registered owner is wrongfully changed due to an improper guarantee.


Guarantors must comprehend the need for supplying appropriate medallion signature guarantees. The following is a summary of a few safeguards that may protect the guarantor:

  • Signature guarantees must be supplied to clients just
  • Verify identification that is proper
  • Verify signature with signature card on file
  • Need in person signatures
  • Verify that the signor is of appropriate competent and age to signal
  • Verify that the signor is authorized to endorse the safety
  • View and confirm that the safety certification exists having a declaration or perhaps the certification itself
  • Try not to offer an assurance for a stock power that is blank
  • Try not to offer an assurance unless all owners are actually present and indication in your presence
  • Constantly make and retain copies of each and every signature guarantee and supporting papers

Behind the Medallion Signature Guarantee System

Over 6,000 banking institutions, credit unions, brokerage organizations and institutions that are financial towards the medallion signature guarantee program. Banking institutions are acquiesced by the Securities Transfer Association by becoming a known user of just one of this three recognized medallion signature guarantee programs:

  1. STAMP (Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program): individuals consist of transfer agents, broker dealers, clearing firms along with other institutions that are financial.
  2. SEMP (inventory Exchanges Medallion Program): individuals consist of local stock market user organizations, and businesses.
  3. MSP (ny stock market Medallion Signature Program): individuals consist of NYSE user businesses.

Transfer agents among others whom trust signature guarantees from an associate of 1 associated with the 3 above-mentioned programs are protected against loss from wrongful recommendations in the event that Guarantor is reluctant or not able to satisfy its economic responsibility under its Program Indemnity Agreement. Joining the STAMP Program calls for the Guarantor to shop for the mandatory imprinting gear with unique ink and also to get bond coverage that is surety. An authentic STAMP Medallion Signature Guarantee uses club codes and unique ink to deter counterfeiting. With this good explanation, just originals could be accepted. Please be aware: A notary’s seal cannot replacement for a medallion signature guarantee. Medallion signature guarantees must validate the genuineness of the individual signing the document plus the capacity and authority of the individual signing the document. Transfer agents can will not accept a signature guarantee it is not recognized by the transfer agent if it is not enrolled in the Medallion program or. The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) entitles transfer agents to make use of the Medallion system to guard the transfer representative and issuer against fraudulent and stock that is unauthorized.

Medallion Coverage Limits

Medallion signature guarantees must protect the complete level of the protection this is certainly being moved. There are many various protection amounts, so it will be essential to get a guarantee quantity corresponding to or higher than the quantity of the deal.

Each medallion signature guarantee has an unique identification quantity by having a page prefix signifying the dollar quantity insured because of the Guarantor. Each prefix aided by the matching quantity of protection is given below:

  1. A: $1,000,000
  2. B: $750,000
  3. C: $500,000
  4. D: $250,000
  5. E: $100,000
  6. F: $100,000 ( Credit transaction that is unions-per
  7. X: $2,000,000
  8. Y: $5,000,000
  9. Z: $10,000,000

In addition, any transfer representative who’s a part associated with the Securities Transfer Association gets $4,000,000.00 insurance coverage against taken or medallion that is counterfeit.